Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

-Ethiopian Proverb-

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Court Date!

I am so pleased to share with everyone that we were assigned a court date for the 2nd of December of 2010! We got the email from our adoption agency yesterday. I must admit that August and September were difficult months because of the court closures. It is so very hard to receive beautiful pictures of your children growing and changing in a country halfway around the world and all that is halting the process that would allow them to be home with us is torrential rains! Anyway, we are so very excited to be heading to Ethiopia on November 27th; I have booked our plane tickets using a travel agency that specializes in international adoption trips, and we actually ended up saving money using these people. When Tony entered our trip information into Travelocity, we were quoted a price of $2000 per person, but our travel agency managed to get the exact same flights for $1600 per person! Wow!!! With all of the expenses involved with this adoption, saving money in any form is deeply appreciated!!!! I am ready to meet my babies next month; I want to hold them and let them know how loved and wanted they are. I just hope that they will receive our hugs and kisses. I've heard many stories of couples who are faced with screaming, crying infants when they first meet their new son or daughter! What will be will be; we are prepared for a variety of scenarios upon our first meeting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a warm reception! We'll see!! :0)

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