Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

-Ethiopian Proverb-

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shifting the Energy!

Imagine, if you will, a husband and wife sitting on their comfortable sofa feeling completely frustrated, helpless, and restless because of unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. They are worried about money, tired from stress, and feeling horribly sorry for themselves. This husband and wife are the "mover and shaker" types, the people with personalities of the"if-it's-not-happening-make-it-happen" persuasion. What happens when this couple runs up against a brick wall that they cannot move no matter how hard they try? They shift the energy!!!! If you haven't already figured it out, Tony and I are that couple, and we were experiencing that exact scenario last Saturday. This new Ethiopian court procedure coupled with the anxiety of waiting for a referral is that brick wall for us. How did we shift the energy you ask? We moved all of Laurel and Willow's new clothes, blankets, and room decorations into the closet of their new room! By the way, the babies will be named Laurel Kathryn and Willow Louise for anyone who is interested. We don't have the money right now to start on their nursery (we need to possibly pay for two round-trip plane tickets to Ethiopia), but moving what we do have for them into their closet really helped us settle our nerves and shift our thinking and energy. Just walking into their room and looking into their closet is a wonderful affirmation that they WILL come home! I like to think of that closet as a sort of hope chest but instead of a box with a lid, it is a bigger box with doors. We also thoroughly vacuumed their room and took out all unnecessary things. The only objects we have left in there are two beds for our guests. The room has a reassuring echo to it that is full of promise rather than emptiness. It reminds me that sooner rather than later, that echo will be replaced with the sounds of our sweet babies! For anyone who reads this, I ask that you keep the following in your good thoughts and prayers: Please let Laurel and Willow come home as safely, smoothly, and easily as possible!

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